Introducing: Graceology Timeless Art.

Graceology debuts its new service – Graceology Timeless Art: Offering fine art prints, canvas gallery wraps, metallic prints, standouts, premium leather photo books, lay-flat books, and more.

It has been an amazing ride the past 5 years in the photography business, and Graceology has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of amazing families, brides, children, musicians, etc. Our vision and goal has always been to produce amazing photos that are truly “Timeless Art.” Included in all of our photography packages, clients receive a CD of their images for self printing. While self printing from your local photo kiosk can produce quality images, Graceology’s new Timeless Art service transforms the digital files held on CD into unique pieces of art to be cherished for generations.

I recently read a blog entry that struck a chord, considering our current generation of technology. The question on the blog was: “Can you see yourself 30 years from now sitting down with your grandchildren on your lap showing them photos from your wedding on your CD?”

How many floppy disks do you still own and how many computers are still functioning to support that format? CDs, while a convenient storage format now, will eventually become a thing of the past , but everyone continues to relive memories and reflect upon their priceless family photos in albums or frames, some of which are passed down through generations. Graceology’s Timeless Art service creates images that maintain the clean, unique and modern look that Graceology is known for, while providing its clients with a treasured piece of art in a medium that reflects their personality.  We want you to have something to look back and remember on your 50th Anniversary, thus the title TIMELESS applies to you and your future generations.

Over the next couple weeks, Graceology Timeless Art will preview the new products and offer amazing introductory rates to our existing clients.

Thank you for 5 amazing years of your continued support, and we can’t wait to see what the next 64 years brings us :)